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High quality RC electronics at Modellsport Schweighofer

We pride ourselves on providing RC enthusiasts with top of the line accessories for model airplanes, drones, RC cars and boats.

Modellsport Schweighofer is the perfect place to go for anyone looking for high-quality RC electronics products. We offer products such as servos, remote controls and receivers for car models, model planes, drones and boats.

LiPo, LiFe and NiMH batteries for any electric RC model

Choose between LiFe and LiIo batteries, NiMH batteries or the powerful LiPo batteries. Especially with our lithium polymer batteries, we offer the right LiPo battery for every electric RC model. From general drive batteries, to hardcase carpacks, to racing packs. Choose by the number of LiPo cell counts you want and need, capacities, dimensions, and of course connector plugs and balancer terminals. Whether you need a LiPo battery pack with a Deans or EC3 connector or a battery with an XHP or EHR balancer connector, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our huge range of RC batteries. Of course we also carry all chargers for LiPo and Life batteries.

Remote controls, receivers and servos for perfect control

Our range is carefully selected and includes everything you need to control, improve and personalize your remote controlled vehicles. We offer a wide range of remote controls, receivers and servos to ensure you have perfect control over your model.

Simulators for improved flying skills

Our product range also includes simulators that give you the opportunity to improve your flying skills before you actually take to the air.

Drives, motors, chargers and accessories for more power and personalization

If you're looking for drives and motors, we have everything you need, including accessories like speed controllers and batteries. We know how important it is to be able to customize your model exactly how you want it, so we also offer a wide selection of accessories for motors, chargers and gauges. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to RC modeling.

Breathtaking shots with cameras & gimbals from Modellsport Schweighofer!

As a leading online store for modeling and electronics, we at Modellsport Schweighofer have a wide selection of camera systems, gimbals and accessories for every need.

Our selection of cameras includes action cams, gimbals, FPV cameras, 360° cameras as well as thermal cameras - everything your heart desires.

High quality brands from all sectors

With leading brands like DJI and MODSTER, you can look forward to the highest quality and unique filming experiences. Get ready for unforgettable shots and discover our camera systems, gimbals & accessories now!

Special cameras for aerial photography and other applications

Our camera systems also include specialty cameras such as thermal and multispectral cameras, which are essential for specialized applications in aerial photography, surveying, agronomy, and many other fields.

Gimbals accessories for blur-free and smooth shots

For those who want to stabilize their camera, we have a wide selection of gimbals accessories such as handheld gimbals, drone gimbals and gimbals for action cams. With these gimbals, you can capture shake-free and smooth videos and take your footage to a higher level.

Filters for cameras to improve image quality

We also offer a wide range of filters for cameras that help you improve image quality and create certain effects such as ND, polarizing, UV, and color filters.